Those who wish to practise the Dharma are introduced to, and guided along the path of, the Saddharma Ratna Mahamarga (The Precious Path of the True Dharma) — the uncommon series of meditation practices which are based on the classical sutra methods and which prepare the practitioner for full-fledged Vajrayana practice in the future. These meditation practices are easily adoptable by lay practitioners with household responsibilities without compromising the tradition and quality of Buddhist meditation. They focus on mindful practice of Impermanence, Suffering, Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Selflessness, and Emptiness; and they encompass all three vehicles — Shravakayana, Bodhisattvayana, and Vajrayana.

Further, the Sangha organizes regular spiritual activities, including the monthly Bodhipushpanjali, where the Vidyadhara’s teachings are disseminated; guidance sessions for practitioners; and various Pujas and Empowerments (Abhishekas/Wangs).