Eligibility Criteria

  1. Financial support is offered to any interested person residing anywhere in the world. It is awarded to individual students, Buddhist practitioners, teachers, and translators that are genuinely committed towards the wellbeing of society and who wish to pursue higher studies in Asia (excluding China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore).
  2. Students have to complete an application form and submit the same to the selection Committee, along with all the necessary supporting documents.
  3. Individuals who meet the selection criteria should have:
  • completed education to at least the bachelor’s level
  • provide evidence of admission in the above noted areas to an accredited institution in a country in Asia (excluding China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore)
  • possess high academic qualifications
  • a high degree of self- motivation and determination to complete their education
  • evidence of financial need
  • a written statement of intent in English (not exceeding 700 words) to support their application
  • considerable voluntary experience, involvement in the charity sector, or service in Buddhist centres
  • two letters of recommendation

The scholarship will be allocated without any consideration of sex, caste, creed or race, and women and members of disadvantaged communities are encouraged to apply.


The Committee will award a special grant to individuals who wish to pursue vocational trainingapprenticeship in traditional Pauvva/Thanka art, Charya Nritya and Charya Giti and other artistic fields through private tuitions with authorised and qualified masters or institutions.  Please use the same application form if you wish to apply.

Application Process

To apply, complete the Scholarship Application Form. Application should be submitted no later than 15 January of the calendar year for which scholarship is being sought.

To extend your funding, complete the Continued Scholarship Application Form. Application to extend scholarship should be submitted no later than 15 January of the calendar year for which extension is being sought.


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